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Artist Statement

I'm driven by curiosity, passion and a creative spirit. I am constantly experimenting and evolving my processes. I’ve always been creative for as long as I can remember. I cannot imagine a life without artistic expression and will be a maker for as long as my body allows. Photography found me eighteen years ago. I took a basic black and white analog class and a whole world opened up for me. Image making, to this day, slows me down and pulls me into a meditative state of deep focus and creativity. I truly see details and I become mesmerized by the delicate curve of a petal, the grace of the stem, and the dance and movement of the stamen. It’s like being magnetically pulled into a tiny, beautiful planet. I truly study my subject matter and do my best to capture its personality. I will often work my subject matter, exploring every possible angle and lens/aperture combination until I am satisfied that I have done it justice. Most often, I push the line between photography and painting in capture. I look for a point of focus and abstract qualities I wish to emphasize. Occasionally, I will explore post-production possibilities with textures digital painting techniques. It is my intention to share these feelings of mystery and excitement and convey the sense of delight and wonderment that I experience while creating the work.